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Radio Host Invents Breadless Pizza

According to an article from, “Des Moines radio personality Van Harden, Mothers Day 2004 will always be the day the lawn mower nearly took his foot. That, and it was the last day, likely ever, that he wanted to eat bread.”

The report explains a sequence of events “that would likely make soap-opera writers blush,” the report said. Harden had been entertaining family members that were over for Mother’s day, and after they all left, he decided to cut the grass. He stepped off his riding lawnmower and slipped, landing his foot under the rotating mower blade. After several successful surgeries, Harden was able to leave the hospital with both feet, but left with an unexplainable hatred for bread.

He then realized how much he missed pizza, the report said. Since he couldn’t stand bread anymore, he created a pizza product that is completely flour-less and has become a hit in his community and throughout the country. 

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