Put Elegance on the Menu with Farmland Rack of Pork

This new prime cut of pork offers the refined taste customers expect
KANSAS CITY, Mo. (March 19, 2008) – Give the menu of a touch elegance and excitement with the new Farmland 10 Rib Frenched Rack of Pork.  This new item expands the current line of Farmland Rack of Pork to offer a cut with a more elegant presentation.
The Farmland Rack of Pork provides 10 consistently sized back ribs that are attached to the loin eye for easy portion control.  The “frenched” cut has the extra meat removed from the rib bones so that this rack of pork will stand out from other menu selections.
The expertly trimmed pork also uses the Farmland EXTRA TENDER® DeepBasted® process to simplify preparation.  With deep basting, Farmland assures perfect taste and tenderness every time it’s served.

“Restaurant operators looking for innovative additions to the menu will find it with Farmland Rack of Pork,” said Chip Morgan, brand manager, Farmland Foodservice. “Operators can use this cut at the carving station or as a menu special to give customers another opportunity to enjoy the flavor of fresh pork.”

In fact, innovation and flavor keep consumers engaged, according to a 2007 consumer survey from Technomic that found 64 percent of consumers would like to try unfamiliar flavors.  Almost 75 percent of this same group of respondents indicated that they are also looking for either bold, unique flavors or new flavors as part of ethnic cuisines.
The mild flavor of the pork makes it the perfect palette for a signature sauce or rub.   Feature this item with the traditional rub of garlic, rosemary and sage added before roasting.  Or include the rack of pork with a special marinade, rub or sauce as the main course for an ethnic menu. 

Foodservice operators can order the rack of pork fresh or frozen.

  • The Farmland 10 Rib Frenched Rack of Pork comes frozen with a 2-1 piece in a 13.9-pound average case. 
  • The Farmland Rack of Pork is available frozen with a 2 -1 piece in a 13.8-pound average case or fresh with a 2-1 piece in a 14.8-pound average case.

Easy to prepare, this delectable Farmland Rack of Pork brings flavor and finesse to the menu.
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