Dion’s, a family pizza restaurant with 21 locations in Colorado, New Mexico and Texas, is No. 1 in the nation for average unit sales. General Manager Nick Taylor oversees operations at Dion’s, which lives at the intersection of two main thoroughfares in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and boasts one of the largest dining rooms in the city. 

The store’s revolving doors mean that dust blows from the Sangre de Cristo foothills right into the dining room, creating the need for a maintenance method that captures fine particles. Routine cleaning used to consist of sweeping both carpet and hard floors, mopping hard floors and bringing in carpet cleaners once a month. But Taylor felt he wasn’t getting the best clean. “Brooms did a good job of getting the larger dirt, but not the fine particles,” he said. “It’s very important to us to have clean floors. One of our five company values is to keep a ‘clean, comfortable store.’ We want Dion’s to feel like an extension of the home.”

To create a more clean and comfortable store, Taylor’s staff switched to using the ProVac FS 6 backpack vacuum from ProTeam. Immediately, the ProVac cut their cleaning time in half, from a full hour of sweeping to just 30 minutes of vacuuming. “It took a good half hour longer to sweep the restaurant, and we were still not getting everything that was there,” Taylor said. “With the ProTeam backpack vacuum, it’s a much more visible transformation, plus it picks up what I can’t see, like fine dust and pollen. Knowing our customers are breathing cleaner air helps us uphold that ‘clean, comfortable store’ value.”

Dion’s employees can now apply that saved time to project work. Whereas Taylor would normally bring in employees a half hour or one hour before their shift to take on projects, now polishing kick plates, dusting lamps and cleaning napkin rings can often be done during the extra half hour of closing time after vacuuming is finished. “We’re getting more of the restaurant cleaned with the efficiency the vacuum provides,” Taylor said. “It’s a really good vacuum. It’s easy to train our employees to use it. I like the curved wand; it reaches under tables without having to bend down.”

The ProVac has been a win-win at Dion’s, helping Taylor create a clean and comfortable store while saving time on floor cleaning. Learn more about the ProVac at pro-team.com or call Frank Baldwin at 678-653-7233.


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