Protect Your Pizza!

Elgin, IL — April 1, 2009 — Before you invest more time and money trying to distinguish yourself from your competition with marketing and giveaways, think about how you can improve the quality of your pizza.   


For less than a dime per pizza, MYPIZZAPROTECTOR a division of Pizza Screens has been supplying the pizza industry for more than a decade with a revolutionary, yet simple, FDA approved plastic screen that protects the traditional flavors of your pizza by separating them from the moisture at the bottom of the box

while preventing the cheese from sticking to the pizza box.  


Our independent research indicates that 9 out 10 customers consistently preferred a pizza packaged with MYPIZZAPROTECTOR over a pizza that is without.


Pizza chains as well as independents across the USA, Canada and Europe agree the results are phenomenal, “This product is a must if you want to deliver to your customers the best pizza possible.” 


Visit MYPIZZAPROTECTOR.COM for more information or call 888-791-6255. Ask about free shipping!