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Product Spotlight – September 2014


An Attention Grabber

Looking to grab the attention of passersby? Banner Marketing offers inflatable photo tubes, made from a nylon material, that are 2½’ in diameter and stand 10’ or 12’ high, with images printed digitally in four-color process. Attached by Velcro to an internally illuminated, quiet, built-in blower base fan system, the tubes are perfect for outdoor and indoor use. 805-528-5018, bannermarketinggroup.com



Sliced to Perfection

Why serve poorly sliced pizzas when perfectly portioned slices sell better and increase your profits? No matter what size or shape your pizza comes in, the Portion Padl can be customized to your needs and allows you to serve consistently sized slices. 877-511-8872, pizzacuttingguide.com



A Cheese Lover’s Delight

Grande offers a wide range of rich shredded and diced cheeses. The easy-to-portion cheeses melt evenly, don’t burn and have outstanding reheat qualities. Varieties include Part Skim Mozzarella; Whole Milk Mozzarella; East Coast Blend (Part Skim and Whole Milk Mozzarella); Mozzarella Provolone Mild Blend; Mozzarella Cheddar Blend; and 50/50 Blend (Part Skim Mozzarella and Provolone). 800-847-2633, grandecheese.com



App-Free Mobile Loyalty

Virtual Next enables restaurants to earn high ROI on mobile loyalty and payment by offering an app-free solution. Virtual Next’s platform simply creates a digital card that is saved on the user’s mobile wallet, such as the iPhone PassBook or Google Wallet—leading to higher adoption rate for users and lower costs for pizzerias. 877-894-7631, virtualnext.com



Beauty to the Core

Marrying world-famous Le Panyol oven cores with Maine-made copper and steel facades, Maine Wood Heat’s artisan wood-fired ovens promise both beauty and performance. Offering 100% natural construction and full bread baking capabilities, the versatile and modular ovens help you draw more customers, increase table turnover and maximize profits. 207-474-7465, mainewoodheat.com



Bowled Over

Restar International brings the highest quality and best value to the market with their Hobart Classic mixer bowls and attachments. With sizes ranging between 12 and 140 quarts, Restar has your mixer needs covered. Whether you’re looking for a replacement dough hook or a spare bowl, you can find it at Restar. 408-844-4146, www.restar.us