It’s Something in the Water

All New Yorkers know it’s the water that makes the dough! You’ve probably been using the same great recipe for years, one that was passed down from generation to generation. But if you’re slinging dough away from home and can’t figure out why the crust just isn’t the same, it’s the water! Fortunately, New York Pizza Water (NYPW) can help. Call for a free sample while supplies last, and ask your foodservice provider to carry NYPW’s water. 717-801-8967,


Evolution’s Next Step

P.A. Products’ Evolution Bake Disk is made of 18-gauge, special-alloy aluminum, which exceeds industry standards for hardness, and has 60% more holes for faster cooking and a crisper crust. It’s constructed with an overlap rim for additional strength, hard coat-anodized for superior strength and coated with QuikStart, an exclusive process that provides a preseasoned baking surface. 734-421-1060,


Old-World Style

Grande offers four versatile styles of ricotta cheese—Dolce, Sopraffina, Tenera and Del Pastaio—crafted in the Old-World traditions found throughout the Italian countryside. Each style has a rich flavor with consistent performance that works well in both savory and sweet applications. 800-847-2633,


The Perfect Slice

Pizzamatic’s Multi-Slice Pizza Cutter creates a perfectly sliced pizza every time. This cutter is ideal for by-the-slice pizza offerings, buffets and other pizzeria applications. Easy to operate yet heavy-duty for durability, the Pizzamatic cutter offers great value and performance. Pizzamatic is your one-stop shop for all of your pizzeria equipment needs. 708-331-0660,


Going Gluten-Free

Chef Luca Dangio from Italian Gluten-Free Foods has teamed up with Destefano Foods to launch Phase Two of the gluten-free phenomenon. “It’s a no-brainer,” Luca says. “I served these products to my customers, and no one could tell they were gluten-free!” Attract new customers to your establishment with great tasting gluten-free appetizers, including delicious mozzarella sticks and calzones, without concern of cross-contamination issues. All appetizers and entrees come in an oven-safe and microwavable tray. 516-503-1530,

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