Product Spotlight- May 2013

Cool Tools

PizzaSkool is a fully hosted e-learning solution for all of your employee training needs. The video-based program provides training, testing and certification for driver, order taker, pizza maker and manager-in-training positions. Courses cover customer service in the store and at the door, upselling and all aspects of pizza making and delivery. You can train everyone in your pizzeria for less than a dollar a day! 517-395-4765,


Bombs Away!

The Minibombero is a small aerosol can that produces a cutting-edge extinguishing foam capable of putting out oil fires quickly and safely. It can also be used to extinguish solid fires (such as cardboard, fabric, wood and plastic) and fires caused by hydrocarbons and polar solvents. Prevent an accident from becoming a disaster and keep your customers, employees, property and equipment safe with the Minibombero.,


Magnetic Marketing

Magnets from Off the Wall Magnetics let you create an advertising message that really sticks with your customers. Promote your pizzeria’s name, menu items, delivery and carryout services by putting your phone number and key messages on every family’s billboard—the kitchen refrigerator. The company also offers direct mail magnet postcards, magnetic vehicle signage and more. 800-337-2637,


Filling the Security Gap

Provide your customers with the security of paying right at the table with their credit cards. TablePay of America’s innovative, PCI-secure and cost-effective equipment provides seamless plug-and-play integration for any POS system and increases your table turns. TablePay of America helps you take your business to the next level, and there’s no need to change your bank or merchant service provider. 888-980-8762,


Brewing a Healthier Lifestyle

The RealBeanz iced coffee beverage not only satisfies customers’ taste buds—it helps them get through the day and enhances their lifestyles without harmful chemicals and unhealthy ingredients. Big in flavor, high in quality and perfect for health-conscious customers, RealBeanz utilizes a blend of 100% natural ingredients, providing a flavorful coffee blend that helps brew the lifestyle your customers desire! 718-514-6699,