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Product Spotlight – January/February 2014


No More Soggy Pies

Pizza Savor has the solution for soggy, limp takeout and delivery pie. Pizza Savor’s product lifts the crust, creating airflow that surrounds the pie and eliminating crust contact with the box or added liners. It whisks away pooling cheese fat, topping grease or vegetable liquids that could be absorbed into the crust during the delivery process. 978-794-1500, pizzasavor.com


The Topcast Network

Topcast is a marketing platform that allows restaurants and bars to promote, inform, entertain and reward customers on televisions in the establishment. These images pop up over existing broadcast programming, allowing you to message customers on the televisions they are actually watching. 857-263-8911, topcast.tv


Making Dough with Precision

The Precision HD-60 Pizza Mixer is one of the toughest—and least expensive— planetary mixers on the market. It’s backed by an industry-only seven-year unconditional warranty on all gears and shafts. It can handle a 50-pound bag of flour with ice and water in its 80-quart bowl. Buy your mixer from a manufacturer that you can talk to directly at the time of purchase and anytime after! 877-764-9377, precisionmixers.com


POS for Pizzerias

Designed for pizzerias, the low-cost Point of Success POS system offers customer database, delivery management, coupon and discount tracking, specialized pizza ordering and pizza-oriented price calculation. Other features include online ordering, integrated caller ID, employee timekeeping and scheduling, above store reporting, table maps and more. 800-752-3565, pointofsuccess.com


Easy, Awesome Gluten-Free

Kiki’s Gluten-Free makes it easy to offer awesome pizza for customers with gluten sensitivity. Honored with two FABI awards by the National Restaurant Association, Kiki’s provides artisan-style and deep-dish pizzas with gluten-free crusts. Ready-bake pizzas are prepared in a gluten-free facility and packaged to minimize cross contamination. sales@kikisglutenfree.com, kikisglutenfree.com


The Original Hazelnut Spread

People around the world enjoy Nutella, the original hazelnut spread. Nutella’s versatility makes it an easy addition to pizzeria menus. Pizza makers can use it to create delicious pizzas, calzones and other menu items. Contact Nutella for recipes and more information. 410-268-0030 ext. 259, nutellafoodservice.com