Product Spotlight January/February 2013


Pizza Party Planners

Learn how to make six figures a year by planning 50 to 100 pizza parties per month with pizza party training offered by National Pizza Parties in Tucson, Arizona. Experienced instructors place an emphasis on preparation, presentation, and how to handle large groups and find more customers. 520-888-9359,


The Pizza Box of the Future

Customers can convert the Table Box into an elevated “serving box,” saving room on the table and creating a better eating experience. Manufactured by RockTenn, it’s great for pizza parties at home, the office or anywhere else pizza is served. And because there’s no additional packaging, it’s easy for pizzerias to switch over to using the Table Box. 609-647-4466,


The Moneymaking Connection

Granbury Restaurant Solutions offers the technology your pizzeria needs to run efficiently. Start with a pizza-focused point-of-sale system, then add fully integrated online ordering and your own customized mobile ordering app for your customers’ smartphones. Granbury’s self-serve kiosk app is perfect for your pizzeria lobby or tables. The company can also help with multistore automated marketing and loyalty programs. 800-750-3947,


Frozen Assets 

This healthy version of a slush drink comes in a variety of incredible flavors. At the same time, it provides a healthy alternative to soda and other sugary beverages. Healthy Chillers are made with 100% fruit and vegetable juices and contain no sugar, no additives and no high-fructose corn syrup. Both delicious and nutritious, Healthy Chillers are perfect for pizzerias that cater to families with children. 800-572-2252,


For Leftover-Lovers

Pizza Pop-Ins make it easy as pie for customers to store leftover pizza slices. These triangular plastic bags offer a green solution to wasting aluminum foil and plastic wrap. Include Pizza Pop-Ins with each delivery, and customers can simply pop their leftover slices in the bags. They’ll appreciate both the convenience and your commitment to the environment. This value-added solution will increase your sales by exceeding customer expectations! 772-215-9912,