Getting Smarter

With uZAPPit Smart Tags, pizzeria operators can print a full-color image on one side and a QR code on the other, highlighting a special offer, landing page, event, etc. It’s a cool, high-tech way to market to smartphone users and capture their digital data (name, mobile number and email address) once they accept the offer. These Smart Tags were featured on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2014.


A Rose by Any Other Name

Luxe Bloom provides natural, long-lasting rose arrangements to pizzeria operators on a monthly basis. Their no-water promise ensures a no-care, responsible, green product that can maintain its natural beauty and last up to 60 days. Available in more than 30 colors and designs, they’re perfect for hostess stands, dining tables and other settings in your pizzeria.


Feel the Burn

Designed for wood-fired ovens, Vamparossa gas burners are available in one-, two- or three-burner electronic models to suit all oven sizes. Simply set the temperature you need, and the burner does the rest. Burners provide consistency, save on the cost of wood, and provide a good light source deep inside the oven while giving the same great flavor as wood.


The Tools You Need

Making world-class wood-fired pizza goes beyond the recipe; you first need to invest in high quality pizza oven tools. has every tool needed to craft superior pizza, including long-handled GHA (Golden Hard Anodizing) peels, turning peels and stainless steel oven brushes, shovels and rakes.


The Towering Inferno

New York Brick Oven Company’s team of artisans and pizza makers have been building and designing custom wood-fired and gas brick ovens worldwide for more than 20 years. Their new Inferno Series Revolving Brick Ovens come in four sizes with wood, gas or both and feature a patented heat floor that produces perfect pies every time.


Ready for Production

Lloyd Pans’ water-based, stick-resistant coatings offer excellent performance and require little or no special seasoning or handling. Combining an in-house hard-coat anodizing process with a proprietary water-based nonstick coating, these pans and disks require less time to maintain, last longer, cook better and are easier to clean up.

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