Deal Appeal

Pizza restaurants nationwide are increasing sales and store traffic by using Peel-A-Deal Coupon Cards. Peel-A-Deal promotions, which receive up to a 40% redemption rate, can be distributed to customers in various ways, including direct mail campaigns, promotional inserts, grand openings, customized fundraising programs or in-store handouts. 877-563-5654,


Soy Good

David Mintz, CEO and founder of Tofutti, puts the fun back in ice cream with the company’s ice cream-like desserts. But Tofutti also makes a wide variety of other dairy-free soy-based products: Better Than Cream Cheese, Sour Supreme, and Ricotta, Mozzarella, Cheddar and Feta cheeses add a tasty, soy-enriched lift to recipes. 908-272-2400,


It’s in the Bag

Add value to your business with the Scott Pizza Bag, a pizza carryout bag that makes it easier for customers to carry pizza anywhere they wish. Visit to contribute to Scott Pizza Bag’s funding effort; the company’s goal is to purchase 5,000 14” and 16” units from its supplier. Meanwhile, operators can purchase 12” bags today or place preorders for the larger sizes.



Sayonara to Salt!

For pizzerias looking to offer low-sodium pizza options, Sensient can help with Sensasalt, a line of salt substitutes that delivers maximum flavor enhancement while cutting sodium by up to 50%. The substitutes are ideal for everything from meat toppings to tomato sauce to dough. 800-445-0073,




Living On Sweet Street

Generate more business by easily adding desserts from Sweet Street. According to Datassential, 84% of customers say they’re interested in desserts from pizza restaurants, and Sweet Street offers delicious options—including the popular Tiramisu, Chewy Marshmallow Squares, Fabulous Chocolate Chunk Brownie and Toffee Crunch Blondie. 800-793-3897,

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