Partner Spotlights

Product Spotlight – April 2014

Don’t Forget Your Jacket!

The Small Sandwich Jacket is Bag Solutions’ best thermal delivery bag for hot or cold food. It’s great for ice cream, sandwiches, salads, wings and other small items. Packed with poly batting thermal insulation, an easy-to-clean lining, a divider board and two large side pockets for napkins and cutlery, this bag will fit your delivery needs. 866-224-8646,


The Gourmet Difference

Top Fabbri Gourmet Sauces are delicious, sweet, creamy sauces available in 30 fruit, nut and classic flavors. They’re perfect for topping ice cream, gelato, pastry and confectioneries and as an ingredient in coffee drinks, cocktails, Italian sodas and smoothies. They’re also ideal for swirling into soft serve and frozen yogurt and enhancing savory dishes, dessert pizzas and more. 718-764-8311,


Mad About Meatballs 

Tyson Food Service introduces the new Bonici meatballs, with only the flavors pizzeria operators want at the prices they need. Bonici meatballs are perfect for pastas, sandwiches, pizzas and any other application you can think of. With more than 2,500 products, Tyson provides great quality, price points and menu options—all from one trusted place. 800-248-9766,


Cuts Like a SpeedKnife

The SpeedKnife is a patented heavy-duty pizza cutter with two 4” wheels. It’s a faster, easier, safer and more cost-effective tool for pizza shops and features an ergonomic design that provides maximum control and ease of use. With proper care, it could last three to five times longer than standard cutting knives. 610-269-6396,


Private Label Sauce Solutions

Thinking about offering a premium prepared pizza sauce under your own banner? Casa Visco offers turnkey private label solutions, using their recipe or yours, with low minimums and quick turnarounds. Varieties include Original Italian Style, Authentic Neapolitan Style, California Garlic Lover’s, Casa Kids and Gluten-Free/Allergen-Free sauces. 518-377-8814,


The Mobile Marketing Solution

Innov8 Marketing’s Five-in-One Mobile Marketing Platform allows you to stand up against the chains and take back your piece of the pie. This comprehensive custom-designed app requires zero technical knowledge for setup. Online ordering is free from transaction fees, deposits funds immediately, and works with or without a POS system. 615-669-8286,