Produce Waffle and Various-Size Dicing Cuts With Robot Coupe® CL50 Gourmet

With its five new processing discs, the NEW CL50 Gourmet machine will allow you to produce waffle cuts in two sizes  and  dicing cuts in three new sizes (for a total of 8 different dicing sizes.)  With the new processing discs the user achieves quality, consistent waffle cuts (4mm and 6mm)  and dicing cuts ( 2x2x2mm, 3x3x3mm, and 4x4x4mm); – cuts that are difficult and time consuming to prepare by hand.  Its new removable container and removable collection tray allows for processing small quantities of these cuts.  The CL50 Gourmet also has a large capacity feed hopper to accommodate large quantities of vegetables – slice, shred, grate, French fry and julienne up to 2000 servings in just 3 hours.  The CL50 Gourmet’s 44 different processing discs afford you unmatched versatility and creativity with your plate presentations.  For more information contact or