When a family in Malibu, California, can’t agree on pizza versus burgers for lunch or dinner, they don’t have to bicker about it. They can just head to 23401 Civic Center Way Suite 2A, where Prince St. Pizza and Irv’s Burgers now share a location while maintaining two distinct restaurant identities.

The new joint operation will officially open on September 14. A grand opening party was held on September 13, complete with a DJ, balloon artists and face-painting for the kids.

“I think it’ll be the most exciting and fun…store or restaurant to open in Malibu in maybe the last 10 or 15 years,” Steve Soboroff, who owns the shopping center that houses the two brands, told the Malibu Times in March, when plans for the shared location were revealed. “They are highly family-oriented, student-oriented, party-oriented and kid-oriented. This is for the people, for the families, and I am very excited about it….Malibu has been clamoring for this since I have been involved in Malibu, which has been 35 years. I think this just hits a real, real sweet spot in Malibu.”

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Prince St. Pizza is renowned for its Sicilian squares and Neapolitan rounds. It’s a coast-to-coast operation, originally launched on Prince Street in New York, where it built a reputation as one of the city’s leading pizza hotspots. The company now has six locations in the Los Angeles area as well as stores in San Diego and Miami.

Lawrence Longo is CEO of both Prince St. Pizza and Irv’s Burgers. “We’re bringing good food, good people and a sense of community,” Longo told the Malibu Times. “We aren’t coming in with crazy high prices. We’re coming in with quality food and a quality product. Our plan is to really integrate with the community.”