""‘”The restaurants whence the Big Cheese ordered pizza during his stay in Las Vegas last week has become a two-topping issue. President Barack Obama’s 12-pizza, multiple-cannoli order from the recently opened Dom DeMarco’s Pizza & Bar on West Charleston Avenue in Summerlin has received an extra-large serving of national and local media coverage,’ according to the Las Vegas Sun. “The new pizza joint is an outpost of Brooklyn’s renowned Di Fara’s pizzeria and co-owned by Albert Scalleat. ”

“Scalleat took the well-chronicled order from an associate visiting with the presidential entourage last Wednesday. The Obama camp was ensconced at Element Hotel, which sits about three miles away from Dom DeMarco’s on Discovery Drive. Basking in national media attention to the point that even TMZ has called asking for details, Scalleat reports at least a 15-percent boost in business since the saucy news was made public. One report put that bump at 25 percent. ”

“But it was not the only pizza order made for the president that night. At 10:15, a call was made to the pizza restaurant across the street from Element, Due Forni, which celebrates its year anniversary next Wednesday. Restaurant co-owner Alex Taylor had earlier in the day offered his services to the hotel if it needed a delivery to the presidential party, even though Due Forni does not typically deliver. Realizing Element does not offer room service, Taylor gladly offered to hustle an order to the hotel if it was for the presidential party.”

“The call came just as Due Forni was closing, but Taylor willingly took the order — two margherita pizzas — keeping his word that he would deliver if it was for the president’s team. He delivered the order himself, parking in the Terrible Herbst Chevron gas station and convenience store in front of the hotel, where he was met by a person who, was a member of the president’s Secret Service detail.”

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