Used to its fullest potential, a POS system can be a start-up pizzeria’s most powerful tool. Are you taking advantage of your system’s moneymaking and cost-saving superpowers? Do you even realize what all it can do? Here are five ways a POS system can help you increase sales and revenue:

  1. Implementing upselling prompts: You can configure the POS system to prompt staff to upsell items such as extra toppings, side dishes or desserts when customers place their orders. These prompts can significantly increase the average order value without the need for staff to come across as overly pushy.
  2. Loyalty programs and discounts: Take advantage of your POS system’s ability to manage loyalty programs and offer discounts to repeat customers. Today’s systems can track points earned for each purchase and automatically apply discounts or offer rewards when customers reach certain thresholds, which will keep them coming back—and spending more at your store. By collecting data on your customers’ ordering habits and contact information, it can also empower you to personalize your marketing efforts by sending targeted promotions, thus enhancing customer loyalty.
  3. Analyzing sales data for menu optimization: Just because you’re proud of that pesto pizza doesn’t mean your customers love it. Start using your POS system to analyze sales data and identify the most popular menu items as well as those that haven’t proven to be a hit. With this information, you can boost sales by highlighting top-selling items on your menu, introducing new specials and removing unpopular items that take up valuable space on the menu—and time in the kitchen—without boosting your bottom line.
  4. Online ordering integration: If you haven’t already integrated your POS system with online ordering platforms and mobile apps, you are missing a huge opportunity to reach a broader customer base and streamline the ordering process.
  5. Efficient inventory management: Are your food costs too high? Leverage the inventory management features of your POS system to track ingredient usage and help you make smarter purchasing decisions. By maintaining optimal inventory levels and minimizing food waste, you can reduce costs and improve your overall profitability.

If you haven’t yet mastered your POS system, it’s never too late. Most vendors offer training sessions and support materials to help restaurant owners and staff members learn how to use the system effectively. You can also ask your vendors about online tutorials, video guides and other materials that cover the system’s capabilities in detail.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with your system’s features and settings on your own. Take a little time to explore its advanced functionalities, then teach your managers and other team members how to put it to the best possible use