From Romania to the Island of Malta to Canada and Japan, the Portion PadL is solving a worldwide problem for the pizza industry, cutting pizzas into equal slices. “Who would have known? Not being able to cut pizzas into equal slices is a worldwide problem,” says Greg Getzinger, the inventor and owner of the Portion PadL. A pizza cutting board designed to easily cut pizzas into equal slices. Every Portion PadL is custom made for each of Greg’s customer’s pizza size and slice combinations.

Early on, when Greg owned his own pizza business, he had a problem with his first school pizza lunch program. His staff couldn’t cut pizzas into equal slices. About a month into the program, he received a phone call from the school’s nutritionist. She told him, the students were pushing away the smaller slices for the bigger ones. She told Greg to fix the problem or he would lose the lunch program. So, he did. “I couldn’t find a portioning device on the commercial market that I felt was simple and efficient enough for my employees to use, so I invented it on my own.” It saved his school lunch account. Once word got out that he had a device that could cut pizzas into equal slices, other local schools were buying Greg’s pizzas. He had already established in his community a quality pizza, it was equally important that the slices they served for their school lunch and concession stand accounts were equal too.

Seven years ago, Greg commercialized the Portion PadL. Though most of his Portion PadL sales are domestic, in the last two years, he has seen a dramatic increase in international sales. It’s common for Greg to ship Portion PadLs to Canada on a weekly basis. A year ago, Greg added online ordering to his website. The Portion PadL website’s online ordering is a gateway for anyone worldwide to order their own customized Portion PadL. The international sales are so common, his Ohio manufacturer ships international orders every Monday.

Some of Greg’s most notable international orders have come from a distributor on the Island of Malta, a new pizza business in Japan and a café in Romania, part of a growing franchise in Russia.

“I am very fortunate. When I commercialized the Portion PadL, I had my sights on helping other pizzerias in the United States solve their portioning issues for school, concession stand accounts and increasing their profits for their pizza-by-the-slice sales. In 2018, I will place a greater focus on letting the world know there is an easier way to cut their pizzas into equal slices.”

More information about the Portion PadL can be found at www.portionpadl,com or email Greg at


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