According to, “Porta Via Italian Kitchen has racked up some great reviews since it opened on White Bridge Road in late 2009. One of the credentials it has touted is that it makes pizza to strict Neapolitan pizza standards. Now it’s official: Porta Via announced it has achieved Vera Pizza Napoletana (“True Neapolitan Pizza”) certification, and it will celebrate with a couple fun specials this week.”

“Porta Via’s specials coincide with both the certification and Italy’s Liberation Day (La Festa della Liberazione), which falls on Tuesday, April 25. From today through Saturday, April 30, customers will receive a free scoop of gelato with purchase of a pizza when they offer their best pronunciation of “Vera Pizza Napoletana.” The restaurant also will offer half-price pizzas from 2 to 5 p.m. each day. The deals can’t be combined, and are good for dine-in meals only. Want to ponder what that half-price deal will buy you? Porta Via’s pizzas normally range from $8-13 each, with the build-your-own option varying by the number of toppings you choose. So this is a pretty hot ticket.”

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