According to a news report from, “After two months of tearing down walls and building new ones, the owners of Little Rock-based Gusano’s opened their third location, replacing Pizza Pro in Bella Vista’s Cunningham Center.”

“Employees stocked the bar with liquor, taped up the menu and set up beer koozies printed with the three Gusano’s locations — Bentonville, Bella Vista and Little Rock — before opening last week for a runthrough with friends and family,” said the story. “As of a week ago yesterday, Gusano’s was open to the public. “ People in Bella Vista have been driving to Bentonville or Rogers to dine, ” said Neal Harral of Bella Vista. But the Chicago-style pizza place joins Las Fajitas and other restaurants slowly growing in the villageturned-city. Kendall Spencer, executive chef at the nearby Blackboards Cafe, said the two restaurants should complement each other.”

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