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Popeyes Aims to Trick Pizza Fans into Ordering Chicken

The chain's autocorrect prank would only work in those dysfunctional families that prefer grease-soaked poultry to a fresh, piping-hot pizza.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has designed a prank aimed at tricking pizza fans into ordering chicken, and they’ve launched a social media campaign to spread it around the country. We’re going to assume it’s all in fun—but it’s kind of devious, too.

The popular chicken chain, owned by Restaurant Brands International, has released a YouTube video that explains how the prank would work. Customers are encouraged to snag a family member’s phone and autocorrect the word “pizza” to “Popeyes instead of pizza.”

Then, when a family member—such as the mom or dad— or a friend sends out a group text suggesting pizza for dinner, it will be autocorrected to Popeyes’ chicken, supposedly to the delight of those who have grown tired of pizza.

As if.

But Popeyes does add an incentive to the prank: When customers post a screenshot of the autocorrected text on social media with the #LoveThatAutocorrect hashtag, they can receive a $5 discount on their next Popeyes order.

“More often than not, the delivery go-to everyone lands on is pizza,” Popeyes chief marketing officer Bruno Cardinali admitted to Fox Business. “While we love pizza just as much as the next person, families are actually looking to add other options to their repertoire, and for that we created a campaign that will hopefully incentivize people to consider Popeyes for family meals and to satisfy their taste buds for fried chicken.”

Of course, such a nefarious scheme could only work in those deeply dysfunctional families that actually prefer grease-soaked poultry flesh to a fresh, piping-hot pizza. It also requires pranksters to get their hands on a phone that’s not password-protected or equipped with facial recognition technology—or, worse, hack into the device. Who would go to that much trouble to avoid eating a delicious, cheesy Meat Lovers pie? Sounds pretty clucked up to us.