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Pope Francis Has a Pizza Party

Pope Francis, well-known as a lover of pizza, celebrated his 81st birthday on Sunday with a 13-foot long pizza, complete with a birthday candle, according to Time magazine.

Since thirteen feet of pizza is a lot for any person to eat, especially a Pope, he invited some children from a nearby pediatric center to join in on the festivities.

The Pope isn't the only VIP to celebrate his birthday with pizza. Let's take a look at some other celebs who've enjoyed partying with the help of pizza…

Wrapping up her birthday weekend celebration this past April, Jennifer Garner stopped into a pizzeria in L.A. for some slices.

Miley Cyrus dove into a giant pizza cake for her 22nd birthday in 2014.

Katy Perry's dream of seeing her name on the marquee of a Shakey's Pizza sign came true three years ago when her wish was granted on her birthday.