According to a news report from, “Chips, soda, and 13 boxes of pizza at hand on a Saturday night—what else could it be but The Polytechnic’s yearly Pizza Poll? Pizzerias from around Troy and as far as the Watervliet area were buzzing with activity as orders for “large cheese pizza” were made to satisfy 16 hungry staff members.”

“The Pizza Poll process is really very simple: different pizzerias are contacted and asked to deliver a large cheese pizza. Staff members sample a small slice from each pizza and rate it accordingly. By the time the 13th box was delivered, moans and groans came from the staff as stomachs bulged from the amount of pizza ingested earlier,” said the story. “Staff members rated pizza slices on a scale of one to ten for various criteria, including the amount of cheese on the slice, quality of the crust, flavor of the sauce, appearance, taste, and temperature. Members also gave an overall rating.”

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