‘Poetry of Pizza’ Tastes Remarkably Good


According to DailyBreeze.com, “for many people, a pizza becomes poetic if it has a crisp yet chewy crust, just the right tangy sauce, and their favorite toppings.”

“But in ‘The Poetry of Pizza,’ which opened over the weekend at the Royal Theater on board the Queen Mary in Long Beach, a pizza becomes not just a canvas but an instrument of seduction. Written by Deborah Brevoort and produced by the California Repertory Company, ‘The Poetry of Pizza’ is about Sarah Middleton, a middle-aged American scholar who takes comfort in deconstructing poetry but really longs to enjoy the romance of the words.”

“She moves to Denmark to teach at a university in Copenhagen, and finds an unexpected poet in Soran, a Kurdish refugee who has a way with pizzas and woos her with his edible creations. They are worlds apart in age and in philosophy, yet are instantly attracted to each other. But will their attraction compensate for their many differences? The Cal Rep production is directed ably by Anne Justine D’Zmura, and though it bears the usual hallmarks of the company’s shows – stark sets, streamlined performances, the merging of styles old and modern – this may be one of the most lighthearted and optimistic shows produced in the company’s history.”