PMQ’s oven information


  Amana adds a twist to the oven scene with its Convection Express™ oven. The oven, which combines 475 degrees of convection cooking and 1,000 watts of microwave heating to speed up the process, boasts a 1.2 cubic foot capacity and 100 programmable menu items. The oven lists for $5,431. Amana also offers a Pizza Stone for use with the Convection Express™ for $193. Sales information: 888-AMANAS1 (888-262-6271)


AMS is a distributor of reconditioned Middleby Marshall, Lincoln Impinger and Blodgett conveyor ovens and Bakers Pride deck ovens. Middleby Marshall PS360S Double Stack ovens sell for $19,000, Lincoln Impinger 1000 Series Double Stacks (Converted to 1040 cooking specifications) sell for $13,000 and a Lincoln Low Profile 1600 Triple Stack sells for $22,500. All reconditioned ovens are built to factory specifications and are covered by a 90-day limited warranty. Sales information: 865-524-2087.


Based in New York, Attias offers gas fired deck pizza ovens, along with dough mixers, stainless steel gas and electric rotisseries, and stainless steel gas gyro machines. Attias pizza ovens are made of stainless steel on the outside and aluminized steel inside. All ovens are equipped with a draft hood and a baffle system. Pizza ovens come with a one-year warranty that covers parts and labor. Sales information: 800-928-8427.


The Bakers Pride Oven Company, which has been in operation for 60 years, offers gas and electric deck ovens, gas and electric counter top ovens, gas and electric brick ovens and electric conveyor ovens. One of Bakers Pride’s specialties is the IL FORNO CLASSICO® gas-fired old world brick oven. The company offers ovens at a wide range of prices. Sales information: 800-431-2745.


This manufacturer of deck ovens, combination ovens, conveyor ovens and convection ovens offers a unique solution to the ventilation system question with its In-Vent® Systems. The In-Vent conveyor oven integrates a ventilation hood into the oven. The ventilation system uses a stainless steel exterior shell around the conveyor that incorporates all the venting and cooling functions. The In-Vent conveyor oven ventilation system is available on Blodgett models SG3240, MT3855 single, double and triple configurations. Sales information: 800-331-5842.


Bravo offers wood or gas fired pizza ovens made out of high-density refractory clay. All ovens are fully assembled, procured and ready for use. Bravo also offers wood-burning rotisseries and a full line of kitchen equipment. Sales information: 800-333-2728.


Doyon markets the Jet Air line of electric and gas deck ovens, conveyor ovens and rotating ovens. Conveyors range from the FC-16 single countertop conveyor to the FC-2 conveyor, which can be stacked or fitted together as a tunnel. The PIZ-3 and PIZ-6 offer quick pizza baking in a compact package, while the rotating FPR-2 makes an interesting display oven. Sales information: 800-463-4273.


Earthstone manufactures brick ovens and wood-fired ovens that range from $5,775 to $11,800 for a wood fire and from $7,875 to $14,000 for a wood and/or gas-fired oven. Each Earthstone oven has an average baking time of between three and four minutes. Sales information: 800-840-4915.


HotShot offers mobile food transport systems. HotShot vehicles combine holding oven compartments and refrigeration compartments to help ensure delivery at just the right temperature. Products range from the huge SuperShot, capable of serving 2,000 people in a single load, to the HotShot I, built on the body of a mid-sized pickup truck, to the HotTot, small convection holding ovens that can be installed in most trucks, cars and vans. Sales information: 630-924-8817.


Lincoln is the manufacturer of the popular Impinger® Advantage conveyor ovens. Models offered are the Impinger I®, the Impinger II®, the Low Profile Impinger® and the Countertop Impinger®. New to the Impinger line is a revamped control system that features digital controls, including time, temperature and diagnostic messages. A new AC-type conveyor motor powers the Impinger models. Sales information: 800-374-3004.


Marsal and Sons have been manufacturing restaurant equipment along with deck ovens and brick-lined deck ovens for over 28 years. They offer the SD448, SD660,and the SD1060 as a standard stainless steel type deck ovens. The MB42 and MB60 are gas-fired brick-lined deck oven. All of these ovens are available as stacked units. The typical 18-inch pizza cooks in 6-8 minutes. Prices range from $3,600 for single units to $12,500 for stacked units. Sales information: 631-226-6688.


MF&B remanufactures Lincoln and Middleby Marshall ovens. Lincoln 1000 ovens are built to 1450 specifications with an added digital speed control. Middleby Marshall 360, 360s and 360q are built to the latest 360s specifications. All of the ovens offered are 100 percent remanufactured and include all new components, wiring, insulation, motors, fans and/or oven backs. All ovens come with a one-year parts warranty. Ovens can be delivered and installed. Sales information: 724-628-3050.


  Middleby Marshall manufactures a wide variety of popular impingement conveyorized ovens. All Middleby Marshall ovens use the patented “Jet Sweep” impingement cooking process and have digital time and temperature controls. Standard single models start at $10,652 and run through $ 24,886. Most models can be stacked, in some cases three or four ovens high. Ovens are electric or gas-powered, depending on the model and the customer’s needs. Warranty work is done through Authorized Service Agents worldwide. The CTX line of infrared conveyor ovens is also available from Middleby. CTX ovens feature zoned infrared emitters and the MenuSelect® control feature, which allows the operator to preset different times and temperatures into the control, which automatically executes the desired functions. CTX ovens have a one-year parts and on-site labor warranty. Sales information: 800-323-5575 ext. 7762.


Northern Pizza Equipment sells pizza equipment of all kinds from a variety of manufacturers. In business for 10 years, the Michigan-based operation offers deck and conveyor ovens from Bakers Pride, Middleby, Lincoln, CTX and Blodgett. In addition to reconditioned ovens, Northern also has EVS Compensator ventilation hood systems, pantleg hoods and cap hoods. Sales information: 800-426-0323.


In business since 1927, Olender is a nationwide distributor of new and reconditioned conveyor and deck ovens for pizza makers. The new XLT oven models, which are gas-fired conveyors, all feature a five-minute baking time. The XLT-3255 Single, which can bake 99 pizzas every hour, lists for $9,995. The same model’s Double Stack, which boasts 198 pizzas per hour, runs for $19,840. The XLT-3270 Single can run 119 pies per hour and costs $12,795. The Double Stack is $24,440. Sales information: 800-356-2506.

PIZZAOVENS.COM is an online brokerage company that deals with all makes and models of pizza ovens. A network of more than 100 oven suppliers is available through the web site. The site also offers an online library of different types of ovens, as well as free technical support for some kinds of ovens. Accessories and shipping arrangements are other features of the site. Sales information: 877-FOR-OVEN.


Q-Matic specializes in conveyor gas infrared ovens. The cooking in these ovens is done with infrared heat rather than with forced air. Q-Matic offers six models of infrared conveyors, all of which are available as a double- or triple-stack. Prices range from $3,400 to $18,000. Q-Matic has been in business since 1982. Sales information: 800-880-OVEN.


Texas-based Renato has been manufacturing ovens since 1981. Products offered include wood and wood/gas-fired brick ovens for residential and commercial applications. A new feature is an infrared oven floor booster heater, which is available as an upgrade to earlier models. Sales information: 800-876-9731.


Roto-Flex manufactures rotating and stone or steel deck ovens. In addition to its new models, Roto-Flex also refurbishes and sells ovens that were originally built by Roto-Flex. Roto-Flex recently designed and built a mobile pizza kitchen in order to showcase its wares to potential customers. Roto-Flex will drive its demo truck to your restaurant and allow you to cook your products in their ovens. Sales information: (800) 386-2279.


Vulcan-Hart offers gas and electric conveyor ovens among other foodservice cooking products. Vulcan’s 32-inch model conveyor can be equipped with a split belt for two different speed settings. Also featured are a front access door and stainless steel construction, which facilitates simplified cleaning. Sales information: 800-814-2028.


  Wood Stone manufactures Stone Hearth ovens that are gas-fired, wood-fired or a combination of the two. The brick ovens come in five sizes and have deck areas ranging from nine square feet to 45 square feet. Cooking times on all ovens range from two to six minutes, depending on the thickness of the pizza. Sales information: 800-988-8103. PMQ