As many of our readers have probably noticed, PMQ these days is a company that’s on the move. We launched our shiny, information-packed, new website in January, and our numbers have shot through the roof, with more unique visitors than ever before. Obviously, we’re proud of our site and its ever-growing popularity, but, as reluctant as we are to toot our own horns, that’s not all we’ve got to brag about in 2013.

For example, now features two outstanding blogs that will both entertain and enlighten pizza industry professionals. In “The Pizza Insider,” editor-at-large Liz Barrett unearths the latest tips, trends and technology in the pizza industry on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Additionally, Missy Green, our international correspondent based in Paris, France, reports on pizza events, trends and curiosities from Europe and around the world in “Pizza Without Borders.” Both bloggers will will tap into our Blog Advisory Board, which consists of successful pizzeria operators and industry consultants from around the country, and her own years of experience covering the world of pizza.

That’s just for starters. You can now receive the digital issue of PMQ Pizza Magazine on your iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices. The entire digital magazine is customized specifically for mobile viewing, so you can carry your own pocket-sized PMQ with you everywhere you go. Stuck in the waiting room at the doctor’s office or standing on line at the DMV? Why let all that valuable time go to waste? Moneymaking ideas and the latest news on industry products and services are just a couple of quick clicks away!

But that’s not all. The new PMQ app allows you to view our “This Week in Pizza” videos, browse the online newsroom for the latest industry headlines, and even swap ideas and seek advice from fellow operators and industry experts on our Think Tank forum—no mouse required!

That should have been enough, but, hey, we were already on a roll, so we just kept going. We have redesigned and repurposed our weekly newsletter, now also called “This Week in Pizza,” to be accessible both for regular email subscribers and on mobile devices. This sleeker, more dynamic and more concise version allows you to skim quickly for the information that matters most to you; when something catches your eye, just click on the link and read the full piece on our website. And, although we’ll still cover the industry’s most important breaking-news stories, the newsletter also now features tips and ideas for pizzeria marketing, promotions and management, all crafted to help you sell more and boost your bottom line.

Of course, if you’d rather play the Star Wars version of Angry Birds or pin recipes for zucchini casseroles on Pinterest, be my guest. But once you’ve downloaded the PMQ app or subscribed to the mobile version of our newsletter, I know you’ll be hooked, and you’ll wonder how you ever ran your business without it. So please check out these new offerings, then drop us a line and let us know what you think. After all, we’re doing all of this for you, and your feedback is more important than ever!

Rick Hynum