CLASSIC Strategy #92
Map your Success

Aren’t you glad that your police and fire departments use maps? In an emergency, maps help them find you faster. If you’re using one, your customers are glad that you also have a reliable map system. How else can you ensure that they’re pizzas are delivered hot and within a reasonable amount of time? But, if you deliver pizza and still don’t have a good map system, it’s probably because you don’t know of a good way to get one going. Good news! The problem is solved.

Maps make your pizza taste better

Since the delivery time is shortened and your pizza gets there faster, it arrives hotter and fresher and tastes better. The use of maps creates happier customers. They spend less time giving directions to your drivers and less time looking out the window for their pizza.

Customer satisfaction

If you’re customers get their pizzas faster and hotter, then they are more likely to call you back with a repeat orders.

Maps reduce your employee turnover

Do you pay your drivers by the delivery? If so, then mapping can only help everyone involved. Maps get your customers their pizzas faster and give your drivers a chance to make more deliveries in one night. Not only do your drivers get better tips by delivering the pizza faster, but they experience less frustration and more job satisfaction.

"OK," you say, "I need a map, I want a map, my competition has a map. Now what?"

If you don’t plan on creating your own map system, I highly recommend you check out the map people at Marvel Maps. Their expertise is in making maps specifically for the delivery-based operator. They use the best street data available and update once a quarter to ensure that changes in your delivery areas appear. Unlike some mapping systems that only update once a year when new census data is available. Each street map is overlaid with a grid system and street index, allowing for easy street identification. Wall maps are designed to supplement POS-based mapping software to provide a complete delivery and routing solution.

You can have them make a custom street map with driver maps for your specific delivery area, or if you want even more sophisticated assistance, they can dazzle you by adding your customer data, carrier routes, ZIP codes, demographics and other extras.
If you don’t have a good map system, get one and watch your business grow stronger.
Call Marvel Maps at 800-762-5158 or check them out online at


Strategy # 144
Make a BIG Impact on a Tight Budget!


A Purdue University study has shown that on average, a person opens the refrigerator 20 times a day?*  Sometimes, the trick to getting a customer’s business can be as simple as whose information is the most readily available.  Memo boards give you exposure 24 hours a day, seven days a week in high traffic areas. If you promote your pizza restaurant on Vision Marketing, Inc.’s 8 ½” x 11” Full-color, Magnetic Memo Board your advertisement will be seen 7,300 times by one person in one year and 29,200 times by a family of four.  Your customer’s fridge will become a permanent billboard for your restaurant.  

These inexpensive, damp or dry erase memo boards command attention and will motivate your customer’s taste buds to order more pizza, more often.  Just like the sign that hangs on the outside of your restaurant, Magnetic Memo Boards are effective marketing tools used to communicate your message to prospective and current customers.

Customers can use them in their kitchen to make a list of chores, errands or to remind them to order pizza for dinner.  The best part is that your name and phone number is always there, and they will see it every time they walk by the fridge.  Your advertising message will also be much larger than you competition’s business card size magnet!  Not to mention, they have a high perceived value and last for 3 years.  To double the impact of your memo board promotion, add your menu on the front or back to increase pick-up and delivery sales, making it easy for your customers to order exactly what they want from the convenience of their home.

This highly visible marketing piece is also a big winner among local businesses.  Memo boards are ideal in break rooms at offices. Secretaries love them because they can leave notes reminding the office staff of important meetings and messages.  They can also use them on their filing cabinets as a reminder center, reducing the number of fly-away post-it notes.  Then your restaurant’s name, menu and phone number will be there when they get ready to order lunch for the office or line-up a caterer for their next party or event.   


The memo boards are also a great tool to capture your local college market. College kids love free stuff and one of the first things on a student’s shopping list is a memo board for their dorm room.  Why not be the provider of these memo boards and advertise your business in every dorm room on campus?


You can sponsor your own memo board or partner with other advertisers and make arrangements with the college to distribute them to students on move-in day or in their orientation packets.  Contact the college or university’s Residence Life office or Student Life Office and tell them you want to provide free memo boards to the students.  Find out how many dorm rooms are on campus and provide one per room or one per student.  To further entice the school to allow you the opportunity, you can offer to imprint the school’s logo on the boards.  If a student is not familiar with the area, they will remember your name and call you first when they want pizza.  This is also a very effective way to promote any student specials or discounts you may offer.


Whether you pass them out to customers, local businesses, or to college students full color memo boards make a big impact on a tight budget.  For more information and a FREE sample, call Vision Marketing, Inc. at 1-877-563-5654 or visit


*Source: Purdue University Study, December 1987.


Strategy # 145
Pizza Beacon Guides Drivers to the Right Address


When darkness falls, so can your pizza delivery profits. Your volume may be highest at night, but when drivers have to hunt for an address, the pace of delivery slows and pizzas get cold. Customers lose patience and then you lose customers. Drivers lose tips and then you lose drivers. It’s a cycle of inefficiency that’s hard to fix. Until now.

Meet efficiency-in-a-box: the revolutionary Pizza Beacon delivery signal. Shaped like a miniature pizza box, with bright red lights, it’s designed to attach to your customer’s door. After they order pizza, they turn on the Pizza Beacon and flashes to guide your driver to the right door. The Pizza Beacon means fewer cold pizzas, more happy customers and a giant leap for your delivery business profit potential.

An attractive price point makes the Pizza Beacon a great solution for independent pizza stores. Sell it, give it away with orders, offer it to local groups as a fundraiser – the possibilities are as varied as toppings on a pizza.

Ordering is easy. Call toll-free, 888-339-8291 or order online at

SPECIAL PMQ OFFER: Order 2,500 or more Pizza Beacons by July 30, 2004, and receive a free print/radio marketing campaign kit (value $4,000).

Pizza Beacon delivers profits: The durable, brightly lit Pizza Beacon doubles as a refrigerator magnet with your logo.


Strategy # 146
Affordable Sign Solutions for Your Pizzeria


For most restaurants, their most important asset is their menu. For restaurants that do walk-up counter service, a colorful, easy-to-read, attention-getting menu system can be a very strong sales tool. It’s imperative that your customers be able to see it and easily read the menu.

Chalk Talk offers one of the most unique menu systems on the market today. Their staff of artists can create unique, hand-drawn, custom menu boards for customers all over the United States.


One of the biggest decisions you need to make in selecting a menu system is ease of changing items and prices. Many restaurants have seasonal menus or offer specials at different times of the year. With a changeable menu board it would be very easy for you to put specials on the menu. Chalk Talk offers an affordable solution for pizzerias wanting to change their menus or add a wall menu. Chalk Talk can make your boards as flexible as you want it to be. Their menu boards feature erasable chalk pricing, which allows you to change your prices anytime you wish by yourself using the price change kit that comes with each board.


Maybe you want to offer a line of wings and sauces or pastas. You could leave your menu as is for the pizza and add a new panel with the new menu items. You may also want to offer a package deal like two slices, a salad and a drink. Chalk Talk allows you to do this with removable menu strips that are applied to the board magnetically.


Do you have a great wall in front entranceway of your restaurant? You could put in a floor-to- ceiling chalkboard menu. The menu would catch the eyes of customers who enter the restaurant. Are you in a high foot traffic area such as a shopping center? Chalk Talk makes outdoor A-Frames that you can use to advertise your lunch specials or a buffet night.


Because Chalk Talk custom makes all signs, you can order other boards to act as marketing tools in your restaurant. Counter displays are guaranteed to up-sell items like sides and desserts. Do you have a new pasta dish? Put it on a counter display, or offer a special. This is an inexpensive way to advertise your products.


Lots of pizzerias with counter service and dine-in service have two areas—one for pickup the other for dine-in. Chalk Talk offers a solution to differentiate these areas with their Order Here and Pick Up Here signs. They even make restroom signage.


Chalk Talk makes everything custom and can make boards in any shape or size to suit your needs. The menu artwork can be drawn in any number of styles from real-to-life to animated. For more information on Chalk Talk please call them at (714) 841-4411 or email


Strategy #147
Advertise outside the box, but inside the party


It’s homecoming weekend and there are parties all over your local college campus. You can hear them from your store across the street.  You know that the perfect food to go with beer is, of course, pizza. But how can you turn a keg of beer into a marketing tool for pizza? Read on…

A fraternity party is winding down and people are beginning to remember that their last meal was a good six to ten hours ago. They decide to have pizza delivered, but where do they go? If you have Keg Topper, a product out of Gainesville, Florida, odds are, they’ll call you.


Break into large events and parties with this unique, patented advertising idea. Getting away from conventional avenues of advertising, such as door hangers and newspaper ads, the Keg Topper will display your company’s ad exclusively for an entire month.


It’s a unique, inexpensive way to advertise. Things like door hangers and box toppers are all fine but do nothing to get your name into a social event. Already used in 15 of the top 20 party schools, Keg Toppers puts your company’s name where potential customers will see it and probably react to it. The cost is about as much as a ¼ page ad in the newspaper. It’s inexpensive, guarantees exposure and can handle any colors or graphics that your company requests. What’s more, it’s the perfect medium to advertise any of your specials aimed at large groups of people.


Get your name out with no competition. Ads in newspapers, on the radio and even door hangers and direct mail have to compete with other advertisers (pizza and not) for your consumers’ attention. In those cases, your ad is often thrown away with the rest of the ‘junk mail.’ By selling on campus, your ad is guaranteed to run for a month with no competition anywhere near it.


Advertise at private events. Events that might normally be closed to advertising are now open opportunities using this service. Places other than college parties use kegs as well. By placing you’re ad on the top of their keg, you’ve just invited yourself to their event and invited their business to you.


Keg toppers will design your ad using detailed instructions from you and any artwork you want to include and then provide you with a final copy to approve. They offer full-color placement with no surrounding ads. Since your target audience is adults, there are virtually no limits to what you can put on your advertisement.


With Keg Toppers you bring a whole new meaning to the old saying of “pizza and beer.”

To learn more about Keg Topper please e-mail or call Robert Foster at (877) 867-2739.

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