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Strategy #139
World Division: Get More Bang For Your Buck With Banners
Many times you may want to advertise a special for a limited amount of time, and you don't want to go broke getting materials printed for the special. What better solution than a banner that you can use over and over. Have you recently added a buffet on a slow night? Well, you need to let customers and potential customers know about it. Why not have a large banner printed and put it up outside your restaurant so that passing traffic can see your new addition? Branding is probably the most important part of marketing for pizzerias. It's very important to get your name out there. Banners are an economical and smart way to do this. The folks at World Division U.S.A. manufacture an extensive line of banners and signs to fill any need you may have.

You may not have a sign that you can change information on. For instance, if you sponsor the local high school's football and basketball teams you may want to have a different sign during different seasons. A banner offers you the flexibility to do this without a great deal of overhead. Maybe you participate in a local fair or carnival once a year, and you don't really have the budget to get a custom sign made for your booth. A professional banner can include your name, menu and tell about your location. The best deal with this is that you can use it again, like when you decide that you want to have a booth at the summer music festival.

Many schools let you put up signs advertising your business on football field fences and gymnasiums. This can get expensive if you have to print something new each season. Why not get a nice generic field sign with your logo, location, phone number and a line like "We proudly support the bulldogs." This is something that you can use for any sport. A great way to build your reputation as a community-involved business is to help out local civic groups like the Food Pantry, the Girl and Boy Scout troops, little league teams, school PTAs, Make-a-Wish chapters, the local Red Cross. A banner in or outside your restaurant is a sure way to let your customers know you support these organizations. By putting your name and these group names in the same place you are showing customers you care.

There are big bucks in adding catering to your business. You have to let your customers know about it somehow. Why not give them the details on a banner hung above your front counter.

World Division U.S.A. offers in stock banners, pennants, flags, signs and roll banners. The real deal comes from custom work. They offer an extensive line of materials and options for banners and other signage printing needs. They can provide you with the right size and style. For more information on World Division please call 800-433-9843 or email Check out the World Division, U.S.A. website at