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My Picks


Counter Finger
Every pizzeria owner has lost money on counterfeit bills. This thumb-sized gizmo can solve that problem—just rub it on any bill, and the magnetic ink reader will instantly tell you if it’s fake or not. It also uses LED light to check the bill’s security strip. You can attach it to your register or wear it on a lanyard around your neck.


The Spinach Ball Company
These spinach balls have a terrific flavor, and I immediately thought they’d make an easy, ready-to-use specialty pizza topping. The recipe was originally developed for an appetizer or side dish at the Herb Garden Restaurant in Fremont, Indiana. The spinach balls come in a variety of flavors, including feta, Monterey Jack and Spicy Jack, and some are available in gluten-free versions.


Clifton Moody
Account Executive

My Picks


Top 1 Auction
This is already a proven concept in Europe. Restaurant owners put their special deals, such as a two-course meal for two, up for auction. Customers can decide how much they want to pay and place their bids during a set time period. Once the time expires, the highest bidder wins the deal. This is a great way to bring in new customers—including couples on a date night—who might not otherwise come through your doors.


Talk to the Manager
Think of how much important feedback you may be missing because your customers don’t want to appear overly picky or confrontational. With this service, your customers can send you anonymous text messages that tell you what they really think about your service, your food or your staff. They can even send the texts while they’re still in the store, giving you a chance to respond and resolve the issues then and there, before the customer leaves unhappy.


Tom Boyles
Account Executive

My Picks


I like this because it’s a card, it’s a magnet, and it’s an instant win—all in one! SnapNWin from Green Bee Promotions is an integrative magnetic card used for marketing campaigns to get new customers while boosting sales. Each card consists of three elements: a full color card; a snap-out, magnetized retention piece; and a hidden message that’s revealed when the magnet is snapped out, such as PIN code, message, discount or QR codes, etc.


The Smoki Smoke Zapper
For pizzerias using wood-fired ovens, smoke, heat and the cost of maintaining chimneys are all concerns, and this new product is the perfect solution. The Smoki Smoke Zapper puts an end to potential chimney fires and prevents back flow of smoke into the restaurant. It eliminates soot and grease particles discharged through the flue, and it’s also ahead of safety and emission codes. 914-733-2845,


Waver Costumes
This company has an extensive line of mascot- and food-related costumes, including a pizza costume! They can make customized mascots and even put your logo on any of their stock costumes. When schools or athletic teams ask for a donation, you can offer to provide them a customized mascot with your logo on it and keep the exposure coming all year long.

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