Pizza News

PMQ Pizza Roundup for May 1

Poop happens, the saying goes, but apparently Canadians are digitally invested in the cute brown icon while Americans' favorite emoji is–you guessed it–pizza. Speaking of American institutions, McDonald's took some heat from a crew of impassioned Neapolitan pizzaiolos after the planet's biggest fast-food brand implied that kids prefer Happy Meals to pizza. How do you say 'Kiss my pepperoni' in Italian?

In domestic news, bipartisan legislation may give pizzerias a break when it comes to menu labeling regulations and Pizza Hut is lobbying porkers in every state with its gargantuan Big Flavor Dippers Pizza. Wood-fired pizza or a big turkey leg? You knights and ladies who dig medieval festivals decide. How about some vino on tap? That's what's on the menu at a new Arlington, Virginia, pizzeria pairing pizza and 32 flavors of tapped wine. 

New Pizzerias

Marcus' Gulf Pizza used to be Marco's, but that's before the big pizza chain came to Panama City Beach, Florida. Finally, Pi has something to do with the circumference of a circle as all you pizza math nerds know by heart. And 3.14, the number for PI, also doubles as the area code for St. Louis, the original home of President Obama's favorite slice. Now you can enjoy Pi Pizzeria's great product in its new Miami location.