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PMQ Pizza Roundup for March 27

We don't know if Naples Pizzeria Don Ernesto makes heavenly pizza, but we know they deliver to the Pope — in this case, Pope Francis in his Popemobile. We also don't know if the Pontiff makes pizza at home, but if he did this article on creating pies that don't suck might serve him well. Hot girls and pizza — the perfect New York combo that's making this Instagram site go wild, and speaking of the Big Apple, NYPD is serving pizza to gangbangers hoping to make them feel respected.

According to the data miners at CHD Expert, independent pizzerias make up 13% of total non-chain restaurants and pizza's growing popularity has spread overseas, where Shanghai pizza king Liu Quan is looking Down Under to expand his empire. Back at home — if you live in Greenville, South Carolina, that is, Vic's Pizza is giving back through its free-pie donation to a local women's shelter. Finally, the future of pizza art may be captured in a computer, not an artist's imagination. 3D Food printers were the rage at a recent technology conference in Las Vegas.

New Pizzerias

Amelia's in Montreal is the former Amelio's that recently reopened, featuring its famous White Pizza with a delicious array of five cheeses.