PMQ Pizza Roundup for March 20

The key to having fun and getting taste results when topping a pizza is creativity and balance. Fun, creativity and choice are also key ingredients in the fast-casual success of pizza innovators like Fired Pie and Domino's CEO Patrick Doyle talks about the his own company's growth and innovation trajectory as well as its challenges with federally mandated menu labeling requirement.

 Talk about national trends, Hunt Brothers Pizza is making huge inroads at convenience stores and other small locations in rural areas too far away from the interstate for traditional fast food restaurants to make their mark. Atlanta-based Marco's Pizza will celebrate National Spinach Day with a promotion that trades a can of spinach for a free grilled chicken Florentine pizza and Lombardi's Pizzeria in New York goes old school when it honors 110 years of service with 5-cent pizzas.

Keeping it Italian, rates the top Pepperoni Pizzas in America. Finally, Pizza Hut shows that it will risk $1 million if the challenge is nearly impossible. 

New Pizzerias

Customer demand has convinced the longtime owners of Mione's to open a new location in the heart of the resort area of Ocean City Maryland.