If you had only months to live, what pizzerias around the world would you visit? This panel of pizza geeks commissioned by firstwefeast.com profiles the bucket-list 15. Papa John's CEO John Schnatter has already lived a good life, but he might want to stop eating other pizza brands — with a knife and fork no less. The recent study in "Pediatrtics" blaming pizza for fat kids spawned a bunch of negative articles, and that's why PMQ.com was eager to supply this report by Packaged Facts on how pizzerias might appeal more to kids with healthier choices.

It's Super Bowl weekend and Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch might be the only person in the world who likes Skittles Pizza. Our troops overseas will settle for traditional pies and they're getting 5,000 thanks to Pizzas 4 Patriots and DHL Express, while NFL personalities Tony Romo and Rex Ryan ham it up in the latest Pizza Hut commercial. In supernatural Super Bowl news, Seahawks fans are seeing an apparition in the wood grains of a pizza board at a local restaurant. Forget the Super Bowl, Mardi Gras is looming and this take on Muffaletta Pizza might put you in a New Orleans frame of mind.

In news from the left coast, students at UC Berkely decided to protest against Domino's for thanking cows and last year's Oscars hunky pizzeria owner/delivery man is still a hit with the ladies.

New pizzeria openings

Value counts in Middle America. That's why the owner of the new restaurant Topp'd Pizza has made his independent status and choice ingredients his biggest selling points in Kansas City, Kansas. If pizza is an international currency of fun, Sbarro's is putting its pizza where its mouth is in the growing and potentially profitable market of India. 

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