PMQ Pizza Roundup for February 27

Pizza and punk music perform together celebratingthe 40th anniversary of Arinell's Pizza in Berkeley, California, but maybe it's grilled cheese more than the Ramonesthat pulls your nostalgic heartstrings. Pizza's popularity as America's favorite food was on display at the Columbus, Ohio-hostedNAPICSU.S. Pizza Team Winter Acrobatics Competition, as well as in this article detailing 18 fun pizza facts.

Girl Scout flavored cheesecakesfrom Grimaldi'sPizzeria or smoked salmon and foie grasare tastes we're talking about in PMQ. Noted chef and pizza creator Wolfgang Puck says fennelis the perfect vegetable to top a pie, but purists might prefer thisNeapolitanpizza baked by a Ford truck-hauled Italian wood-fired oven. Finally, the top thinkers at offer this analysis of pizza's rising stockvs. hamburgers because of its expanding reputation for healthy toppings.

New Pizzeria Openings

With taste as big as the Texas sky, Vivo53is a family-owned pizzeria offering classic Tuscan-style pizza in downtown Fort Worth,and four Atlanta pizzerias, includingGiovanni DiPalma’sAnticoPizzaNapoletanahas captured the imagination of gourmet pizza lovers in Hotlanta.