Forget the Super Bowl, Feb. 9 was National Pizza Day and the local ABC affiliate in Houston was excited to share their favorite kinds of pies with their viewing public, while pizza fanatic Jessica Booth of pulled together this gif-slideshow of the top 15 reasons pizza is the best food on the planet. The day they give out the Grammys is almost as big as National Pizza Day and this story about Australian rapper Iggy Azalea details her tirade against Papa John's for releasing her phone number on Twitter. 

For a historical perspective on where exactly pizza got its name, this story is illuminating, but a more modern take on social media responsibility highlights a tweet about a pizzeria gone very wrong. What could be more romantic than a cozy pizza dinner for two at home when the cook has been coached by some top pizzeria chefs?  In a great business profile, an Illinois convenience store owner explains why fresh pizza beats frozen every time and some big food businesses like Tyson came to Saginaw, Michigan to try to impress school kids with chicken nuggets.Pizza still came out on top, however.  

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