A surprising study reveals that the typical American pizza lover is not who you think. Try female concerned about fitness. Speaking of pizza and fitness, the Big Apple NYC Pizza Run is one example of a growing trend–running races that hand out pizza to competitors. In fact, some of the runners in a recent Florida 5K are nutrition experts who detail why enjoying pizza before and after a big race can pay dividends.

Jon Stewart may not be a competitive runner, but he ran around on his show for many years talking about the best place to get a slice of pizza. Presidential candidate Scott Walker likes pizza as well. He just didn't count on a couple of pranksters at a New Hampshire pizzeria punking him during a campaign stop. The nice people in Minnesota who run this wood-fired pizza festival would rather yodel than cause trouble and the philanthropists operating Uncle Es mobile pizzeria support the hungry through pizza.

Slice for Supplies is another charitable blend of pizza and advocacy for Dallas students in need of basic tools like pencils and notebooks. Profiling America's top 101 pizzas sounds like a great idea, but promoting the Pic-A-Nika may have been the worst pizza marketing debacle of all time. Finally, another New York pizzeria is on safer ground, offering "secret cocktails" to late-night pizza munchers.

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