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PMQ Pizza Roundup for April 3

Gamers took a leap of faith this week when the new video game Pie in the Sky debuted featuring space-bound pizza delivery cars while Seattle employees, including pizzeria workers, jumped for joy at the new $15 minimum wage law in their Pacific Northwest paradise. Papa Dimitri's is a Minneapolis pizzeria accused of specializing in pot instead of pies. The owners of Memories in Walkerton, Indiana, probably wish they had a little grass to help them forget the backlash after they said "No" to pizza-catering same-sex weddings in the aftermath of the passage of Indiana's RFRA.

At this point, Pizza Hut would fall over gladly greeting any additional customers after their menu re-do resulted in a 3.5% decrease in quarterly sales. Which begs the question: Where did Charlie Brown get the pizza to bribe Lucy into finally letting him kick the football? Oh that's right, April Fools, folks. Back in the real world — well, kind of the science fiction version, Army drones will soon be capable of delivering 3D printed pizzas in forward-operating bases. Beats MREs!

 New Pizzerias

Urban Pizza has staked their claim to fast-casual, make-to-order pizza bliss in Thousand Oaks, California. Shakespeare's is a legendary pizza joint in Columbia, Missouri, home of the Missouri Tigers. They've decided to be or not to be in a new location closely modeled after the original site.