Pizza and nutrition continue to be big in the pizza news world and this article features the thoughts of a pizza-making mom on how to make her kids' favorite food as nutritious as it is yummy. Making pizzerias more kid-friendly is vital when you consider families with kids made 1.2 billion fewer visits to restaurants in 2014 and one way to do just that might involve serving tasty treats like gelato as Mario's Pizzeria & Ristarante does in Albuquerque.

Continuing down the pizza diversification highway, two Boston pizzerias are changing things up for customers offering pizza doughnuts, but pineapple on pizza gets a thumbs down in this ribald ranking of the top 24 pie toppings. Maybe people don't dig pineapple so much but the folks in Omaha seem to love cops with their pizza as this event proved. The North American Pizza and Ice Cream Show is a big deal in pizza circles and this article, with a video appearance by PMQ's own Melanie Addington, shows why. Finally, this week's real show-stopper — and possibly heart-stopper — is Little Caesar's bacon-wrapped pizza, which debuts Feb. 23 to the horror of the nutritionally correct crowd. 

New Pizzeria Openings

Quattro Goomba's is a great name for a pizzeria. The Virginia winery/pizzeria also has the forward-thinking strategy to blend pizza, wine and beer in the same venue as they start a brewery. Fast-casual superstar Blaze pizza opened 50 new stores in 2014, and is looking at 70 openings this year with the help of investors like Lebron James and Maria Shriver. 

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