The nation is in the deep freeze but this Chicago pizzeria offers a White Pizza that can keep the chill away. Sticking with the icy upper Midwest, a long-time pizzeria employee takes over the reins in Michigan and Chicago got started early with a charitable promotion for National Pizza Week. In you-heard-it-here news, read about a big pizza tip and a special pizzeria screening of the controversial flick, The Interview.

In the tell us something we didn't know category, a survey reveals Americans like pizza for breakfast and the BBC shares that Brits are in a tizzy about banning pizza as unhealthy. In Oregon, a lottery-winning bar manager does the right thing and another bastion of liberalism, The Huffington Post, ranks pizza styles worst to best. Two heart- and gut-warming Pizza News stories deal with a Philly pay-it-forward pizza plan and a Milwaukee food blogger's obsession with America's favorite food.

Find out here the identity of the nine best specialty pizzas in Cleveland. Rocking the latest international headlines, learn about a terrorist's life journey from punk to killer. 

New pizzeria openings

Meet Samit Varma, 38, and Ron Biskin, 62, co-owners of Studio Pizza in Calabasas, California, profiled in the Jan. 15 issues of Forbes. Chicago's Sanfratello's Pizza opens in Gilbert, Arizona and an Indian family reveals how tandoori chicken pizza is the secret to their success at Yummy's Pizza and Ice Cream. Scott Sandler, owner operator of Pizzeoli wood-fired pizza restaurant, offers a Funghi pie in St. Louis and a U.S. Pizza Team member opens a new location of Sloopy's in Ohio.

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