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PMQ Pizza Magazine News Roundup for December 5

Want a pepperoni pizza comforter? Help out this Kickstarter campaign. Or how about a Doritos pizza? Go to Pizza Hut Australia. 

Meanwhile, in Nashville, ninja turtles are taking over pizza delivery. A Papa John's in Ferguson was spared due to mystery person and crowdfunding is helping the Little Caesars destroyed. A woman takes her complaint to a new level with calling in a bomb threat over bad pizza while this guy is suing Domino's for wire bristles left in his pizza. 

Read how delivering pizza in Baghdad presents unique challenges.

A pizza man is helping feed families and sick kids at Ronald McDonalds. 

Domino's Pizza launches weeklong Cyber Monday sale and zpizza ranks high on franchise list while Pizza Hut wants to read your mind. Royalton's Gourmet Pizza has been sold. Pie Five Pizza evolves as fast-casual matures while PizzaRev launches a new nutritional portal. 

In craft beer news, Eccentric Day set at Bell's Brewery.


Panelli's Pizza & Parm opens in Brookline (MA)​ and Paradise Pizza closed temporarily due to fire in Chicopee (MA)

Marco's Pizza to open 1 store in Memphis in January with plans for 3 more soon (TN)

Cranky Hank's Pizza to close in Cedar Rapids (MI)

Elmore's Fire Tower Pizza running out of a general store but looking to expand in VT

Fired Pie opens in Tucson (AZ) 

Boomerang Pizza Kitchen opens in Milton and McGregor Pizza and Deli take over what was Giovanni's in Ft. Myers and second Paradise Pizza opens in Ft. Myers (FL)

Jules Thin Crust Pizza to open in Cherry Hill (PA)

Rossopomodoro opens in NYC 

Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza opens two new Orange County restaurants (CA)