PMQ Live Update: How Pizzeria Owner Dan Uccello Is Coping With the Coronavirus

In the first installment of PMQ’s new PMQ Live Update video interview series, Dan Uccello, owner of three Flo’s Wood Fired Pizza stores in Grand Rapids, Michigan, talks to Brian Hernandez about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on his pizza restaurant.

Forced to close down his dine-in service for at least four weeks, Uccello has been coping with the emotional struggle of laying off nearly 200 employees while innovating to adapt his business model to new market challenges. From coordinating with a local third-party delivery provider and adding pizza meal kits to selling essentials—milk, bread, eggs, even toilet paper—through his new Flo’s Home Goods service, Uccello is striving to balance the needs of his pizza business with serving his community and taking care of his employees in a time of crisis.

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