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PMQ Live Marketing Masters: John Stetson Discusses Marketing Pizza With Chatbots

John Stetson, a Stoner’s Pizza Joint franchisee in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, joins PMQ Publisher Steve Green in this installment of PMQ Live Marketing Masters and explains his multi-vertical marketing approach. Stetson makes sure to be where the customers already are and focuses on making ordering his pizza a possibility everywhere, including directly from Facebook and Instagram. Thanks to previous Marketing Masters guest Ryan Baggott of BaggottBots and Tap The Table, Stoner’s Pizza Joint has been able to put into practice cutting-edge social media marketing strategies that engage consumers through automated chatbots.

Still, Stetson believes there’s no “one size fits all” approach to pizza marketing and that it’s better to explore multiple practices, including old-fashioned grassroots marketing, to build relationships and get to know customers. “I [still] go to the hotels. I go to all the high-rises and areas and businesses around me with free pizzas, and I introduce myself to the concierge, to the front-desk manager,” explains Stetson.

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