Please Tap Your Pizza Order

“SAI Biz Solutions, a local software development firm, is introducing what it calls Thailand’s first near field communication-based restaurant ordering system to serve the increasing number of NFC-enabled smartphones,” according to Bloomberg Business Week.

“Big Mama Pizzeria is the first restaurant using NFC technology in the country.

NFC technology is a contactless communication between devices like smartphones or tablets, allowing them to securely exchange data with other devices containing a NFC tag.

Developed by SAI Biz Solutions, managing director Ashoo Agarwal said the system is expected to create a new revenue stream for the company, apart from its consulting and IT infrastructure services.

The system requires users with NFC-enabled devices to place their order by tapping their phones in the shop. The system will then automatically display a menu plus details on ingredients and prices on the user’s phone.

The order is sent to the kitchen and an estimate of how long until the food is served will be sent back to the user’s phone.”