Planet Green Bottle Corp. Introduces World’s First Commercial Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic Bottle



TORONTO, CANADA (MMD Newswire) NOVEMBER 21, 2008 — Planet Green Bottle Corporation (PGBC) has commenced accepting orders for additive, pre-forms and plastic bottles which are manufactured using technology that renders plastic PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles oxo-biodegradable.  Oxo-biodegradability is triggered with exposure to oxygen, heat and UV light and therefore ensures long shelf life before the degradation commences.  Plastic bottles will oxo-biodegrade in landfills, ditches, rivers and oceans.


PGBC has had a 100% success rate in having brand owners and private labellers sign up for tests of the proprietary oxo-biodegradable PET plastic bottle for use with products to include spring water, vitamin water, wine and spirits, but adaptable to most liquids and solids bottled and packaged into PET plastic containers.


Wells Plastics (UK) (WELLS) is a world leader in anti-microbial additives to stop the effects of microbes causing materials to degrade. 

Under contract with PGBC, WELLS proved that they could reverse the anti-microbial activity and accelerate microbial activity that causes degrading of plastic bottles that are perceived to last forever in landfills, ditches, rivers and oceans.


Andrew Barclay, Director of Technology for WELLS, stated, “Reverte mixes with the standard PET feedstock with no impact on the clarity and physical properties of the bottle. The contents are protected and the shelf life unaffected. Once disposed of and exposed to UV light and heat, the spent bottle commences its degradation profile, first embrittling and breaking into small pieces, and then once the molecular weight is reduced sufficiently the material becomes available for biodigestion. PET plastic bottles manufactured using the Reverte additive can enter the normal plastics recycling streams without issue or adverse affect”.


Nick Havercroft of Harare, Zimbabwe, Chairman of PGBC, stated, “Our dedication to biodegradability of plastic bottles started in Africa, before focussing on joint ventures in foreign markets globally.  We have negotiated transactions in at least 10 countries to date to introduce biodegradable plastic bottles around the world.  In America only 23% of plastic bottles are recycled while in certain parts of the world plastic bottles are discarded into ditches.  The world is being buried in plastic especially PET plastic bottles.  We hired WELLS to solve the problem of making plastic bottles biodegradable. They were successful by demonstrating and proving to us that their oxo-biodegradable technology will solve this problem while having our oxo-biodegradable plastic bottles remain recycling friendly throughout municipal collection streams”.


Patrick Rooney of Vancouver, BC, Director of Corporate Development of PGBC, stated “We became enamoured with the potential of biodegradable PET plastic bottles when I read the research of Captain Charles Moore, a world renowned marine scientist demonstrating that the world’s largest garbage dump in the middle of the Pacific Ocean was as large as Africa and was largely plastic garbage destined to last forever.  This “plastic soup” has 6 pounds of plastic for every 1 pound of plankton.  Much of our fish supply depends on plankton.  We must start to change the paradigm of how we handle plastic refuse.  The National Association for PET Container Resources reported that only 23.6% of PET bottles were recycled in 2006 down from 40% in 1996.  We are advocates for recycling; however, until the numbers change, we need biodegradable plastic bottles now”.


Planet Green Bottle Corporation is incorporated in Canada with regional offices in Toronto, Nebraska, North Carolina and Zimbabwe. 

Planet Green Bottle is dedicated to help save the planet one plastic bottle at a time.  Planet Green is introducing its oxo-biodegradable bottle to brand owners and private labellers of beverages and consumables globally.  Planet Green is affixing its logo of which incorporates  the trademark Reverte – of its strategic partner, Wells Plastics (UK), to all PET plastic bottles in order to guide the consumer to the purchase of only eco-responsible, oxo-biodegradable plastic bottles.


Contact:   Patrick Rooney

Director of Corporate Development

Cell # 778-991-2569

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