Pizzeria's Vehicles Convert To Natural Gas Fuel System

According to Post-Trib.com, “Doreen’s Gourmet Pizza has added more green to its pies, and that doesn’t mean additional peppers.”

“The 5-year-old pizzeria and frozen pizza company Thursday unveiled its new onsite natural gas fueling station, which will provide compressed natural gas fuel for its own eight delivery trucks. Doreen’s delivers its handmade pizza to more than 600 food service establishments and 150 grocery stores in the Chicago area and Northwest Indiana, including Strack & Van Til, County Market and Meijer. It has 24 employees. Doreen’s Pizzerias are in Dyer and the Hegewisch area of Chicago under a different owner. Firm president Bob Wisz said Doreen’s also has purchased Renewable Energy Certificates to match 100 percent of the electricity that will be used. The RECs will finance wind power, further reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Wisz said he started the process of converting to compressed natural gas fuel two years ago, when the price of gasoline was hovering at $4 a gallon, with diesel fuel at $5 a gallon. He said his total fuel costs were about $5,000 a month, endangering the business.”