Sandbox Pizza & Pints practically gave 14-inch cheese and pepperoni pizzas away at a $1 pizza party last Sunday.


Pizzeria’s ‘Pizza Relief Package’ Offers 14-Inch Pies for Just $1

Dollar slices are easy to find, but Sandbox Pizza and Pints, located in the laidback Pacific Beach neighborhood of San Diego, cut prices on its 14-inch pies to just one buck as a show of support for the city’s workers facing layoffs due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“In a world where people often disagree, people can almost all [agree] that they like pizza,” Sandbox Marketing Manager Thomas Yankle told a San Diego TV station.

More people in San Diego will probably agree they like Sandbox’s pizza specifically now, thanks to the promotion, which Sandbox described on social media as a “Pizza Relief Package. ”

Sandbox offered the $1 pies—cheese or pepperoni only—last Sunday, March 29, from 12-2 p.m. “It is our hope to give back to the countless amounts of hospitality workers that are out of work, as well all of the hospital workers, out-of-work families with or without children, first responders, police officers, and really everyone that this has impacted,” the pizzeria posted on Facebook.

Only walk-in orders were accepted, with a limit of one pizza per customer, and social distancing was required while waiting on the pizzas to come out of the oven.

Pacific Beach is a nightlife hotspot, packed with trendy bars and restaurants as well as yoga studios and boutique shops, all of which have been impacted by the pandemic.

“It’s sad to see how this has affected a community of so many bartenders, servers and security,” Yankle told the TV station. “It hits home a little more because it’s people you see every day that you’re friends with … It was nice to see everyone smiling and happy, and I think that’s something all of us can agree that we miss.”