SAN DIEGO — FLIPPIN’ PIZZA, New York Style, a new pizzeria created by Patrick Farley, owner of the original Knockout Pizzeria of Carlsbad, California, recently held two grand opening weekend events for his new restaurants in the surrounding communities of Vista and Encinitas. Rather than providing free pizzas for its patrons during the grand opening events, as done in the past, Farley decided to make an impact on both of the communities and donate 100 percent of the grand opening weekends’ gross sales, totaling $12,000 to local education foundations.

“We saw the FLIPPIN’ PIZZA grand openings as an opportunity to establish our new brand in two additional neighborhoods, while giving back to the children and schools of the communities,” said Farley. “There’s no better gift than to benefit our youth. As a parent, I understand the profound importance of proper educational funding.”

Thanks to the pizzerias’ generous donations, both the Vista Educational Foundation (VEF) and the Encinitas Education Foundation (EEF) were able to save several programs whose futures were uncertain. Most notably, the EEF’s “Technology Van”, a mobile technology specialist that travels to schools within the district to update computers and ensures students have access to computer labs, will now be able to continue operations into next year. The pizzerias’ donations will also fund a variety of other initiatives throughout the Vista and Encinitas school districts, such as student camps, performing arts programs, technology support and scholarships.

The Vista Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to forgoing partnerships with the local business community to enhance or replace educational programs that have been trimmed or lost due to budget cutbacks. The EEF is an inclusive non-profit fundraising organization that promotes and supports student education in the Encinitas Union School District.

“Strong schools such as those here in Encinitas Union School District are supported by three main components, just as a stool needs three legs to stand on: talented teachers, involved parents, and supportive business partners,” said Kelley Anderson, president, Encinitas Educational Foundation. “FLIPPIN’ PIZZA is a business partner that supports education and believes that strong schools help make strong communities.”

To learn more about Knockout Pizzeria of Carlsbad and Oceanside and FLIPPIN’ PIZZA of Vista and Encinitas, visit the pizzeria’s Web site at


– By Jennafer Moreno, Bolt Public Relations. Jennafer may be contacted via phone at (760) 439-5903 or by e-mail at

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