For Philadelphia customers watching their summertime weight, salads get old after a while, but a collaboration between two fast-casual chains have made the healthy go-to dish brand new—in the form of a pizza.

Pizzeria Vetri and Honeygrow, both Philly-centric brands, teamed up to turn the latter’s popular Walnut St. Noodle salad into the Walnut St. Pizza. The salad features arugula, whole wheat noodles, roasted spicy tofu, roasted mushrooms, roasted broccoli, roasted walnuts and Parmesan crisps, drizzled with a rosé vinaigrette dressing. The Walnut St. Pizza, made with Pizzeria Vetri’s dough, is topped with shaved broccoli, roasted portabello mushrooms and mozzarella. Once it’s baked, they add arugula tossed with the dressing, a drizzle of walnut-thyme pesto and Parmesan crisps.

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Customers of the two brands can get a taste of the Walnut St. Pizza via carryout or delivery from Monday, July 13, through Monday, July 27. To promote the special, Pizzeria Vetri will bring its mobile pizza truck to the Honeygrow test kitchen in Fishtown from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (ET). During that time, the first 100 guests to order the pie will get a free La Colombe draft latte.

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Other warm-weather menu items from Pizzeria Vetri, founded in September 2013 by Chef Mark Vetri, include the Scallion and Corn Calzone, the Golden Quinoa Bowl and, for vegans, the Wild Pesto pizza.

Pizzeria Vetri has three locations in the Philly area.

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