Pizzeria Venti Restaurants Adds Tablets For Tableside Ordering

As fast-casual restaurants continue to grow in popularity, some pizzerias are bypassing the cash register, to put new ordering technology in customers’ hands. For 12-unit chain Pizzeria Venti (, this means putting touchscreen tablets on every table in participating restaurants. Since January, an opt-in program for franchisees permits owners to lease tablets with software allowing customers to browse menu items, place orders, make payments and split checks. According a release from Venti’s corporate office, the program’s charter store in Mountain View, California, saw a 10% sales increase by taking advantage of impulse orders. By utilizing this technology, dining times were reduced by an average of seven minutes. Franchisee Brian Lackey in Atlanta, says his store adopt this technology to increase efficiency in 2012 and make his fast-casual business more. “It’s a change for us; this has let us learn more towards full service,” says Lackey. “It’s a way that takes us a step closer to being a ""full-service restaurant.”