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Pizzeria Turned Cocaine Shop Busted

According to a report from, “The dough wasn’t the only thing flying at a Boston pizzeria as more customers came through the doors seeking a drug high than a pizza pie, cops say.”

    The article said, “Police knew they were on a roll yesterday when they went to the owner’s Revere house, shook an industrial-sized can of Al Dente sauce, and it sounded more like a baby’s rattle than tomato paste.”

    According to the report, “They punctured the can and said it was filled with coffee grounds, masking the smell of the 2.2 pounds of cocaine inside.”

    The article stated: “Waving that 6-pound can in a Chelsea courtroom, Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney Dean Mazzone, chief of the narcotics unit, said in the report, ‘The idea that a kilo of cocaine would be inside a sealed gravy can shows the sophisticated level of this dealer.’”

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