Pizzeria Starts Lake Delivery For Boats

According to the State journal-Register, “The local Godfathers’ Pizza franchise is taking a run at the waterborne crowd on Lake Springfield by adding shore-side deliveries to its traditional routes. No boat-to-boat deliveries, though, at least for now.”

“’We have three stores in the area, and they all cover bits and pieces of the lake,’ Randy Trams, manager of the Chatham store, said today. Trams said the Chatham store would handle most of the boat-based orders, adding that a number of ramps, docks and marinas have been pinpointed on the lake where delivery vehicles can meet boaters. The usual $1.95 delivery charge applies, said Trams. Co-owner Mike Monseur said deliveries have been made to the Lake Springfield Marina for years, and homes along the lake are a significant part of the delivery business. He credited Trams with the idea of taking the market directly to boats.”